About the Archives

The Royal Roads University Archives is the primary repository for university records that have enduring historical, corporate, or community significance.

The Archives also maintains special collections related to the Hatley Park site, including historical documents from the Dunsmuir family and Royal Roads Military College and its antecedents.

RRU Archives' mandate

The Archives’ mandate is to:

  • acquire, arrange, describe, and preserve records
  • facilitate access to records
  • support university projects according to archival policies

We aim to:

  • develop, manage, and promote an accessible collection that engages and informs the Royal Roads community
  • work with university schools, departments, and offices to transition inactive and valuable corporate records to the Archives
  • work with potential donors to collect records that document life and learning at Hatley Park
  • support activity that contributes to research and interpretation of life and learning at Hatley Park and Royal Roads
  • preserve the university's institutional memory by identifying, acquiring, and protecting its valuable records
  • support teaching and research using archival records

Our archival collections

At the Archives, we collect material that serves the long-term administrative and legal needs of Royal Roads University.

We occasionally collect private archives that support the research and teaching needs of the university community.

Our primary collection areas include:

  • corporate records of continuing value, acquired through transfers from offices throughout the university
  • official university publications of continuing value, including monographs, serials, and pamphlets produced by Royal Roads
  • private archives of individuals and organizations who have made a notable contribution to the broader university community, e.g., faculty member's archives, which document contributions to the university as well as teaching and research interests
  • private archives of individuals and organizations documenting the history of the Hatley Park site and its former owners and inhabitants, e.g., former cadets and staff of Royal Roads Military College and its antecedents; the Dunsmuir family and employees of the Hatley Park estate; Roland Stuart (1889–1907), a former owner of the estate; and First Nations families who have used the present-day Royal Roads lands for habitation and gathering of seasonal resources since time immemorial

Other collections

Occasionally, we may acquire private archives that lie outside our primary collection areas to protect records of historical significance to British Columbia or of specific research interest to students and faculty at Royal Roads University.

Sometimes, we may archive copies of records held in other established repositories. We'll only collect and retain these records if they are of exceptional value to RRU or BC history, or they are likely to be highly used reference materials.

When we are making the decision to acquire new material, we consider the mandates of other BC repositories.

Donating to the Archives

If you'd like to donate material to the Royal Roads Archives, review the information below to learn what type of material we accept and how to donate.

What type of material does the archive collect?

We collect archival material in print and electronic formats, including:

  • documents
  • maps
  • photographs
  • architectural plans
  • sound and video recordings
  • reports and pamphlets

Publications, such as privately published books, local newsletters, and magazines, may be considered if they meet our collecting mandate.

How do I donate?

If you have material you think belongs with our archival collection, follow these two steps:

1. Contact the Archives manager

Contact Jenny Seeman and provide us with the following information:

  • subject matter
  • quantity of material
  • format of material (e.g., photos, papers, electronic files)
  • condition of the material (are they fragile or damaged in any way?)

We'll also ask if there might be any terms and conditions with the donation, such as a need for us to restrict access to sensitive personal information.

2. Sign a deed of gift

If your donation is a good fit for the Royal Roads collection, we'll send you a deed of gift for you to sign. This deed confirms that you are transferring ownership of the material to the Archives at Royal Roads University.