How will you finish your story?

Before you finish your academic story, complete a final review. Make any necessary changes to ensure your voice shines through, you're clearly communicating your knowledge, and you're meeting the expectations for the work. It’s tempting to stay at this stage forever, but at some point, decide the work is done so you can share your voice.

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Body paragraph checklist

Before submitting an essay or article, review the paragraph structure with this checklist.

Check my paragraphs

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Completing major writing projects

Managing a long-term writing project can be daunting, but incorporating the following strategies can help you to have a successful writing experience.

Follow the guidelines

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Revising tips and resources

Make use of this checklist of important considerations during the revision process.

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Editing tips and resources

Find tips for self-editing, giving editorial advice, and seeking editorial advice.

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More information

Before you submit your work, it's a good idea to perform some final checks to ensure your assignment meets APA Style requirements. Here are some checklists to help you: