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Cover art for Small town queer

Small Town Queer (2019)
O’Grady, L. (Director). 

Fort McMurray, Alberta is home to a growing LGBTQ2S+ community. In this episode of Small Town Queer, three individuals put their hearts and personal lives on the line as they try to build lives in Canada’s “Oil Town.” 

Cover art for Call me by your name

Call me by your name (2017)
Guadagnino, L. (Director). 

The story of a sudden and powerful romance that blossoms between an adolescent boy and a summer guest at his parents' cliffside mansion on the Italian Riviera.

cover art for Boy Erased: a young man (centre) looks at the camera while an older man and woman frame him, facing away and looking down

Boy erased (2019)
Edgerton, J. (Director).

A young man is sent to gay conversion camp by his staunchly religious parents after a traumatic event leads him to be 'outed' by his college crush. His God-fearing parents believe that he can reverse his inclinations in this timely drama about sexuality, religious duty and acceptance.

Close-up of a person's torso wearing a suit-jacket and tie. Someone else's hand is adjusting the tie. The word "Suited" appears in front.

Suited (2016)
Benjamin, J. (Director).

A look at a tailoring company in Brooklyn that provides custom attire for LGBTQ clients features profiles of the owners and the diverse community they serve. 

An Indigenous person in a hat and jacket stands by a tree and looks confidently off-camera.

Two spirit identities: Amplify series, episode 4 (2020)
Jones, A.G., & Fleming J.L. (Writers).

Mohawk songwriter Shawnee and Ojibwe-Cree Elder Ma-Nee Chacaby consider the history and role of two-spirit people.

Cover art for Standing on the line

Standing on the line (2018)
d'Entremont, P.-D. (Director).

In both amateur and professional sports, being gay remains taboo. Few dare to come out of the closet for fear of being stigmatized, and for many, the pressure to perform is compounded by a further strain: whether or not to affirm their sexual orientation.

Cover art for Dykes, camera, action

Dykes, camera, action! (2018)
Berler, C. (Director). 

Through Stonewall, the feminist movement, and the experimental cinema of the 1970s, lesbian filmmakers built visibility and transformed the social imagination. These filmmakers share moving and often hilarious stories from their lives and discuss how they've expressed queer identity through film. 

Covert art for Strike a pose

Strike a pose: Madonna's most famous troupe of dancers (2016)
Gould, E., & Zwaan, R. (Directors).

In 1990, seven young male dancers - 6 gay, 1 straight - joined Madonna on her most controversial tour. On stage and in the iconic film Truth or Dare, they showed the world how to express yourself. Now, 25 years later, they reveal the truth about life during and after the tour, when they were ambassadors to the world on behalf of the LGBT community during the height of the AIDS epidemic. 

Cover art for Making Montgomery Clift

Making Montgomery Clift (2018)
Clift, R., & Demmon, H. (Directors)

Montgomery Clift was one of the most influential actors in the history of cinema, bucking traditions on and off screen, but countless biographies have reduced him to labels like “tragically self-destructive” and “tormented.” Now, his nephew Robert Clift and Hillary Demmon rigorously examine the flawed narratives that have come to define Monty’s legacy.