How will you show the relationships between details and arguments?

Now that you’ve gathered the information, how can you show the relationships between the details? That is, how can you present those relationships in your story with effective, logical, and persuasive arguments?

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Use critical thinking to build arguments

Get started by watching this interactive video on critical thinking.

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Reading, thinking, and writing at the graduate level

In your time at RRU, you're going to build your skills in reading, thinking, and writing about other people's research as well as your own thinking.

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Arguments are everywhere

Making an argument—expressing a point of view and supporting it with evidence—is often the aim of academic writing. Learn why arguments are so important.

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Sample arguments

If you're still feeling unsure about how to structure an argument, these examples can help.

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More information

  • Learn how to examine your sources, understand the logic of an argument, and check for fake news or misleading facts with our Critical Thinking guide.
  • Follow the whole path of argument construction from start to finish with our Building an Argument guide.