Research Data Management Strategy

Land acknowledgement

Royal Roads University acknowledges that the campus is located on the traditional lands of the Xwsepsum (Esquimalt) and Lkwungen (Songhees) ancestors and families who have lived here for thousands of years.

This land has been part of the fabric of the life of Indigenous communities long before Hatley Castle was built, and it will be long into the future. It is with gratitude that we now learn and work here, where the past, present and future of Indigenous and non-Indigenous students, faculty and staff come together.

Hay’sxw’qa si’em!

Royal Roads University Research Data Management Strategy

Researchers at Royal Roads University endeavor to inspire action to address real-world challenges and contribute to positive change in individual lives, communities, and societies be they local, national, or international. Research at Royal Roads University is conducted in various fields of inquiry – social sciences and humanities, health, and physical and environmental science – however, research by faculty, librarians, staff, and students is largely in the social sciences. Our research is primarily inter- and trans-disciplinary, and partnerships with those that may be impacted by or use the research are critical. We are committed to the inclusion of equity-seeking groups in the conduct and leadership of research and to their access to the products of the research. Appropriate, accurate, and, secure collection, preservation, and sharing of research data is key to the integrity of our research collaborations with our partners.

Our research is designed to be shared and developed with practitioners who may benefit from the findings, data, and results. In addition, research and research data inform our university operations, our teaching and learning practices, and how we work at the university. In the spirit of inquiry, we move forward in the quest for knowledge and insight with a commitment to action.

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