How will you incorporate the wisdom of experts?

How are you defining expertise and how might you expand your understanding of expertise beyond the traditional Western, Eurocentric definitions? If you’re unsure of what sources of knowledge are acceptable, please speak with your instructor or supervisor.

Once you’ve decided your sources of knowledge, how will you incorporate that expertise into your story? What is the best use of the wisdom in your work?

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Explore the information landscape

Learn about different sources of knowledge and think about how you might search for relevant resources.

Plan my research

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Know where to look

RRU Library offers many resources to support your literature search. Discover some of the key search tools at your disposal.

Start searching

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Keep up with new research

The information landscape is always changing. Find tips and tools to stay up-to-date with the scholarly conversation in your area.

Stay in the know

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Who is an expert, anyway?

Authority comes in many forms beyond formal academic credentials. Follow these tips to evaluate the credibility of the material you read.

Evaluate my sources

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