How can you write with style?

Your written voice will have a distinctive style, just as your speaking voice is unique to you. Your academic writing style will likely be formal, even when writing about yourself, but your vocabulary and sentence structure should be recognizable to you. That is, don’t try to sound “academic," whatever that might mean. Instead, aim for a formal style that is clear, concise, and easy to understand. Your voice, in your writing style, is what your reader wants to read in your story.

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Simplify your writing to make it more effective

We've put together a short PowerPoint presentation that offers 10 methods to make your writing more concise. Download it here:


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Qualities of academic writing

This self-guided video will walk you through some key qualities of academic writing.

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Introduction to concise writing

Watch this short video to learn more about concision in writing.

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Improve choppy writing

These resources can help you improve the flow of your writing.

Smooth it out

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