Conduct in the Library

Conduct guidelines

Royal Roads Library provides space, materials, and services to students, faculty, staff, and the public to support their learning and work in a positive, inclusive, and constructive academic environment. The Library seeks to maintain a physical space that is appealing, functional, and conducive to learning.

To this end, all persons must treat each other with respect and courtesy at all times. Collaboration is required to maintain a culture of scholarship, open academic inquiry, and mutual respect in the Library as in the classroom. The following guidelines on conduct, as well as other relevant university policies, are intended to support a respectful, safe, and productive learning environment. They must be observed by all users.

Library staff are empowered to ensure that these behaviour guidelines are upheld. Users unwilling to follow these guidelines will be asked to leave the Library. RRU has zero tolerance for behaviour or language that threatens, discriminates against, harasses, intimidates, or demeans others. In the event of repeated or serious infractions of these guidelines, including any threatening behaviour towards staff or other patrons, RRU Security will be called to attend and escort the Library user from the building. Serious or repeated infractions may result in suspension of access to the Library collections or space.

Thank you for helping us make the Library a comfortable environment for everyone.

Food and drink

Food and drink are permitted in the Library; please exercise sensitivity and care toward the Library collections and furniture, as well as other patrons when it comes to eating and drinking.


  • Keep lids on drinks
  • Avoid putting liquids in the garbage bins
  • Do not consume aromatic foods in the Library
  • Dispose of waste using garbage, recycling, and compost bins
  • Limit food wrapper noise
  • Let staff know about any spill or garbage issues

Cell phone/Device audio use

The need for Library users to be in touch with family, friends, and colleagues is balanced with the recognition that the Library is a place for study, research, and contemplation.


  • Set ringers or notifications to silent or vibrate on entering the Library
  • Keep calls brief and speak quietly
  • Ensure that outgoing or extended calls are taken in an enclosed area (breakout room or Library foyer) or outside the Library
  • Use headphones/earbuds for all audio playback in the Library
  • Set volume so that it is inaudible to others

Conversation and group work

The library encourages students, faculty, and staff to work together collaboratively. Library users also need quieter areas to study. The Library is an open-plan building that also has staff spaces throughout, so help us help you by choosing the space that best fits your purpose.


  • Be mindful of others in open spaces and keep conversations quiet
  • Use study carrels for quiet individual work only
  • Book a breakout room for group work/study
  • Use the silent study room (on the pond level) for silent study only

Computers, furniture, equipment, and spaces

Please use shared equipment, furniture, and computers with the care and attention that will allow others equal future use.


  • Use the furniture and equipment gently and responsibly.
  • Be mindful of spills and take care not to damage furniture or equipment.
  • Do not leave logged-in workstations unattended.
  • Do not leave personal belongings unattended (RRU is not responsible for the security or care of personal belongings).
  • Use only authorized areas of the Library. Offices and staff areas are off limits except by invitation.