What tools and resources can support you?

The complex variety of skills that you’ll draw upon as you tell your story will evolve as you become more confident in your writing. If you’d like to track that progress, keep a list of the writing errors you typically make. Refer to that list as you’re writing as a checklist of errors to correct before submitting your final version of the work. In time, you’ll be able to remove items as you master new skills, but don’t forget to add other skills-in-progress as you continue to develop as a writer.

Nothing will replace the work, energy, and enthusiasm you bring to telling your story, but there are tools and resources that can support you as you build that relationship with your story.

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Revising tips and resources

Walk through a checklist of important considerations during the revision process.

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Editing tips and resources

Find tips for self-editing, giving editorial advice, and seeking editorial advice.

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Speeding up the writing process

One of the most frequently asked questions in the Writing Centre is “how can I get faster at writing?” We've put together some tips for you.

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Speech-to-text / Text-to-speech software

Explore software alternatives if you find creating text on an electronic page to be challenging for any reason.

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