What do you want to say?

Your perspective, experience, understanding, and voice are all valuable, and your perception of the world is unique to you. Drawing on these aspects of yourself will make your story unique, even if you’re writing on a similar topic to your classmates.

What do you want to focus on in your writing so you can share your understanding with others?

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What are you thinking about?

One of the first steps of writing is to know what you want to write about. Learn strategies for brainstorming your topic.

I'm ready to bring together my thoughts

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Creativity in academic writing

Creativity and academic writing have more in common than you might think. Learn about creative approaches to academic writing.

I want to get creative

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Who is your audience?

Learn how to identify your main audience and tailor your writing to their needs and expectations.

I'm ready to think about my audience

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What focus will you take in the work?

Learn how to use a thesis statement, problem statement, or research question(s) to focus your work.

I'm ready to decide my focus

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