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AI: Artificial Intelligence (2001) [Streaming Video]

Spielberg, S. (Director). Warner Bros.

One of the new tools Mankind utilizes to manage this environment is an artificial intelligence known as an A.I. computer. The action turns on the character of David (Haley Joel Osment), an 11-year-old android, and the emotional journey he makes toward becoming something more.


Uncanny (2015) [Streaming Video]

Leutwyler, M. (Director). Accelerated Matter.

David Kressen is a prodigy roboticist that has been at work for the past decade creating Adam, an advanced artificial intelligence indistinguishable from a human. Joy Andrews is the reporter given an exclusive week of access to interview them. As she and David grow closer during their week together, the robot exhibits startling emergent behavior in the form of jealousy and anger. As relationships between all three parties reach a boiling point, secrets are revealed and technology is both revered and reviled. 

NFB pause with Pietro Gagliano

NFB Pause with Pietro Gagliano (2020) [Streaming Video]

Rouillard, S. (Director). NFB.

In the dream-like world of Agence: you're not just an observer: you determine the plot. A dynamic film that merges cinematic storytelling, artificial intelligence, and user interactivity, Agence is never the same twice. Go behind the scenes of this boundary-pushing project with creator Pietro Galiano. Co-produced with @Transitional Forms.