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From self-driving cars to job automation and neural network algorithms, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become part of our everyday life. Do you want to learn more about it? Have you felt threaten by it? Can human beings and AI co-exist?

Come check out our display! We have curated a collection of library resources that explores the many facets of AI. Browse the links below or come in person to see our physical display in library building 2nd floor.
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What is AI?

Explore the fundamentals of artificial intelligence with these RRU Library resources.

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AI and You photo

AI and you

AI is rapidly becoming a part of our everyday lives.

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AI in the arts and media photo

AI in media and the arts

Explore resources on the use of AI in arts and media.

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AI in Business photo

AI in business

How is AI changing the world of business?

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AI the past and future photo

AI: Past and future

Find out where AI started and where it might be heading.

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AI in Copyright, Law, and Libraries photo

AI in copyright, law and libraries

Who owns the copyright on a work created by AI trained on the work of living humans? Discover the fraught intersection of AI and the law.

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AI: Faculty publications

RRU's own Mark Lokanan has done some fascinating work in the area of AI and finance. Explore his research here.

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