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Writing Tips

Please click on the links below to read the writing tips, which are ordered alphabetically by title within the categories. If you have any questions, please contact the Writing Centre.

APA Style
(6th ed.)

APA Style
(7th ed.)





  1. Abbreviations & acronyms
  2. Aligning the running head and page numbers
  3. APA Style citations checklist
  4. APA Style formatting checklist
  5. APA Style references checklist
  6. Citations versus attributions
  7. Citing personal communication
  8. Citing resources by the same author
  9. Citing tweets in APA Style
  10. Common knowledge
  11. DOI update (May 2017)
  12. DOIs in APA Style references
  13. First person pronouns (I, me)
  14. Improve choppy writing
  15. Include citations in word count?
  16. Numbers in APA Style
  17. Search WriteAnswers for APA Q&A
  18. Spaces after a period?
  19. Using the APA Style Blog
  20. Using and formatting epigraphs
  21. Verb tense and APA Style


  1. 7th edition of APA Style manual
  2. APA Style (7th ed.) resources 
  3. APA Style (7th ed.) citations checklist
  4. APA Style (7th ed.) formatting checklist
  5. APA Style (7th ed.) references checklist
  1. Active versus passive voice
  2. Avoid vague pronouns
  3. Back to basics with capitalization
  4. Back to basics with prepositions
  5. Capitalizing after semicolons or colons
  6. Checking sentence-level grammar
  7. Edit modifiers for concision
  8. First person pronouns (I, me)
  9. Misplaced modifiers
  10. Noun and pronoun consistency
  11. Starting a sentence with "but" or "so"
  1. Back to basics with apostrophes
  2. Back to basics with colons
  3. Back to basics with commas
  4. Back to basics with periods
  5. Back to basics with semicolons
  6. Ellipses
  7. En or em dash?
  8. Spaces after a period?
  1. Assess yourself as a writer
  2. Audience awareness
  3. Audience awareness II
  4. Brainstorming essay topics
  5. Body paragraph checklist
  6. Building persuasive arguments
  7. Completing major writing projects
  8. Concluding paragraphs
  9. Creating strong titles
  10. Creativity in academic writing
  11. Determining writing expectations
  12. Effective meeting summaries
  13. Editing and revising strategies
  14. Improve choppy writing
  15. Improving flow and logic
  16. Introductory paragraphs
  17. Overcoming writer's block
  18. Plan writing with PowerPoint
  19. Reviewing other people's writing
  20. Speech-to-text tools
  21. Speeding up the writing process
  22. Title pages
  23. Transitions
  24. Understanding plagiarism
  25. "Writing an Academic Paragraph"
  1. Affect or effect?
  2. A lot, not alot
  3. Continually vs. continously
  4. Each other or one another?
  5. Either/or versus neither/nor
  6. I.e. isn't the same as e.g.
  7. In regard/regards to?
  8. Is data singular or plural?
  9. Less or fewer? More than or over?
  10. Rang or rung?
  11. Should you contact me/myself?
  12. Since versus because
  13. That or which?
  14. Then or than?
  15. Will you lay or lie down?
  16. When to use I/me/myself
  17. Who or whom?