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If you're looking for information on spelling, parts of speech, capitalization, punctuation, or sentences, you're in the right place! Please see the resources and topics below for more information.

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List of Common Errors

To search for additional information, please visit WriteAnswers and search the FAQs. If you're a RRU student, you can also use the WriteAnswers contact form to send your questions directly to the Writing Centre. We'll send you a private reply as soon as we can, which is typically within one business day of receiving the message.


  • The first letter of the first word in a sentence
  • "I"
  • Proper nouns
  • Titles that appear before a person's name

For more information and other examples of words that should be capitalized, please refer to...

Writing concisely involves using the most accurate words possible to explain your idea. Concise writing also avoids wordiness. For more information, please see the resources below:

Parts of speech are one of the grammatical groups, such as noun, verb and adjective, into which words are divided depending on their use. Please see below for more information on each grammatical group.

Punctuation indicates emphasis within a sentence. There's a wide range of punctuation marks available to you as an author; for more information on each mark, please see the links below. For a detailed explanation of how to use commas, semicolons, and colons, please click on...

A sentence is "a group of words, usually containing a verb, which expresses a thought in the form of a statement, question, instruction or exclamation and starts with a capital letter when written" (Cambridge University Press, n.d., para. 1).

Spelling errors have a dramatic impact upon the total impression of a paper. Although Microsoft Word does have a spell check function, don't rely on a tool that cannot intuitively decide when you have mistakenly typed a correctly spelled word that isn't right for the sentence (e.g. where art you...