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Writing Centre

Welcome to the Writing Centre!

What does the Writing Centre do?

Writing is a lifelong learning skill that is essential to scholarly and professional communication. The Writing Centre helps RRU students become skillful writers by providing assistance face-to-face, by phone, and online for all types of academic writing (e.g., course assignment, major project, thesis/dissertation, scholarly communication). Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, appointments will be online until further notice. Students can receive timely assistance at all stages of writing through one-on-one support and online resources. We do not proofread or edit students’ work; instead, we help students build skills and confidence by empowering their development as writers.

To learn more about the Writing Centre's services, please watch the following short videos, and for more detailed information on each service, please visit Writing Centre Services. If you have any questions about our services, please contact us so that we can assist you.

What is the Writing Centre? (3 mins )
Discussing Questions About an Individual Work in Progress (30-Minute Appointment) (5 mins )
Discussing Feedback on a Graded, Individual Essay (60-Minute Appointment) (4 mins )
Book an Appointment (3 mins )
Ask Us a Question Through WriteAnswers (3 mins )

If you'd like to read the transcript for the above video series, please see the Introduction to the Writing Centre notes.

Are you new to graduate school?

This video is just for you: Gradschoolitis (6:50 )! If you'd like to read the transcript, please see the Gradschoolitis notes.

Are you feeling anxious about academic reading and/or writing?

Please visit Anxiety About Reading and/or Anxiety About Academic Writing for information and resources.

How can you get help?

Option one: Learn more about academic writing

Are you interested in learning more about academic writing, but you don't have a specific question? Please feel free to browse the extensive resources available in the Writing Centre website. Sections that may be of particular use to new students are Academic Writing, Paragraphs, Structure, Plagiarism, and APA Style.

Option two: Get started on an essay

If you don't have a specific question but you have an essay due and you have no idea where to start, please visit the Four Feathers Writing GuideHow to Write an Undergraduate-Level Essay or How to Write a Graduate-Level Essay, all of which present a process for writing a document, as well as tips and links to more information on how to complete each step. 

Option three: Get answers to specific questions

If you're looking for answers to specific questions, you may be able to find the information via WriteAnswers, which is a searchable knowledge base of FAQs. Simply click on the "Ask us" tab on the right side of the screen and type a keyword to search WriteAnswers. If you can't find the answer you need, please use the WriteAnswers contact form to send your question privately to the Writing Centre. We'll send you a private reply as quickly as we can, which is typically within one business day.

Option four: Book an appointment

If you would like to book an appointment to meet with us, please visit Writing Centre Services for more information regarding the appointment types and access to the online booking system. If you are a student in "English for Academic Purposes" (EAP), the Pre-Master's Program (PMP), or you're a student whose dominant language isn't English and you're enrolled in the first or second years of an undergraduate program, please contact your instruction in the Global Language and Learning Centre. If you are a student in a Continuing Studies course, such as Introduction to Academic Writing and Critical Thinking, please contact your instructor for individualized assistance. If you are a student at another university or college, please contact the writing centre at your home institution for assistance.