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Loans and Fines

  RRU Student Community Borrower Fine
Regular loan books: 4 weeks 4 weeks $1.00 day/book
Study Centre readers: 2 weeks no loan $1.00 day/book
Audiovisual materials: 7 days no loan $1.00 day/item
2-hour Reserve items: 2 hours no loan $1.20 hour/item
1-day Reserve items: 1 day no loan $10.00 day/item
3-day Reserve items: 3 days no loan $10.00 day/item
7-day Reserve items: 7 days no loan $10.00 day/item
Periodicals: 3 days no loan $1.00 day/per item
Reference books: no loan no loan N/A

Accounts with $20.00 or more in fines owing are blocked from borrowing or renewing library materials.

Borrowing Regulations 

Renewing books

Please try this interactive tutorial to renew your books online

*Please note that Reserve materials cannot be renewed.


  Replacement fees

We charge a flat rate to replace any lost library materials.  The cost varies depending on what type of library material is being replaced. The fee consists of two parts.

  • Lost item replacement  This fee represents the replacement cost for the item.  The replacement charge is $50 for books and $75 for videos.
  • Lost item processing  This fee represents the processing charge for a lost item.  The processing fee is $25.

Books placed on hold

If you have placed a request on a book(s) and are notified that they are waiting for you on the holds shelf, you have 5 days to pick them up or request to have them mailed to you.

Borrowing audiovisual material

Due to short loan periods and no-renewal policy for audiovisual material, we are unable to mail DVDs.


Email notices are sent to remind library users when library materials are due.  Our notices are meant as reminders and we do our best to ensure that they arrive at their destination however they are sometimes blocked by spam filters.  It is still the library user’s responsibility to ensure that items are returned on time.  If you have any questions about your notice please reply to it and a staff member will respond.

Courtesy notices are sent out one week before books are due or 3 days before videos are due.  Courtesy notices are not sent out for periodicals or reserve items.

Overdue notices are sent out once an item has been overdue for three days.  We continue to send reminders that library material is overdue once a week for six weeks.

Item available notices are sent to inform that a book you have placed on hold is ready to be picked up at the library front desk.  If you would like to have the book mailed to you through our document delivery service you can reply to the notice asking to have it sent to you.

Cancellation notices are to inform that a hold that you have placed on one of our books has been cancelled.  This is often the result of a hold not being picked up before it's expiry date.  If you have any questions about your hold please reply to the notice and a staff member will respond.