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Assessing your Learning Style
Do you know what kind of learner you are? – from Alamo Colleges
Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire  (interactive answers provided w/ advice)
The Four Learning Styles – from Diablo Valley College
Managing Time and Tasks
Time Scheduling Suggestions – from Virginia Tech
Planning Study Time - from the University of Victoria
Time, problem and project management - from Joe Landsberger as an international, learner-centric, educational public service.
Time Management for Right-Brained People (or What To Do If To-Do Lists Aren't Your Style) - from Cornell University
Time Management - from Stanford University
A Simple Effective Time Management System - from Cornell University
Smart Tips – University of Chicago
One of These Days I'll Stop Procrastinating - University of Pennsylvania
Increasing Motivation – from the University of Victoria
Study Skills
Study Hacks - informative blog written by Cal Newport
Study Skills Self-Help Information - from Virginia Tech
Motivation and Goal Setting Worksheet - From University of Victoria
Self Management Checklist - From University of Victoria
Controlling Your Own Study Behaviour - From University of Victoria
Remembering - from the University of Victoria
Memory Tips –from Oregon Health & Science Univeristy
Strategies for Improving Concentration and Memory - from Virginia Tech
 I Just Can't Seem to Concentrate! - from the University of Pennsylvania
Improving Your Memory - from Texas A&M University
Making and Using NotesNote taking: Top 5 Tips - from Vivinette Dietsche, a technical writing student at UWEC (2000) Instructions on how to set up Cornell Notes (includes Word template and PDF template)
Methods of taking Notes – from Stanford University
Listen Actively and Take Great Notes – from Princeton University
Reading and Understanding TextsA Classic Method for Studying Texts: SQ4R – from the University of Guelph
Active Reading Strategies – from Princeton University
Rapid Reading – from Cornell University
How to Read University Texts – from the University of Victoria
Concept Mapping – from Cornell University
Reading and Notetaking – from Canberra University
Reading and Remembering – from Canberra University
Reading Skills for postgraduates - from the Open University U.K.
Critical ThinkingWhat is critical thinking? – from the University of Canberra
Thinking Critically - from the University of Victoria
Organizing and Integrating Information - from the University of Victoria
Gathering and processing evidence for postgraduate study - from the Open University U.K.
Participating effectively in lectures and tutorials
Participating in Lectures – from Canberra University
Class Participation: More than Just Raising Your Hand – from San Francisco State University
Preparing for and Writing ExaminationsWriting Examinations – from the University of Victoria
Understanding Academic Anxiety - from Cornell University
Five Finger Relaxation Techniques – from University of Chicago
Relaxation Exercises – from the University of Arizona
Preparing for Exams – from the University of North Carolina
Test Preparation: The Bullseye Strategy – from Duke University
Exam Prep: A Self Check – from the University of Arizona
Exam Strategies: How to Tackle Exam Questions – from Cornell University
Coping with Exams – from Canberra University
Words to watch for in Essay Questions – from Cornell University
Writing Essays, Reports, and DissertationsThe Writing Centre – from RRU University
What is an essay? – from Canberra University
What is reflective Writing – from Canberra University
Battling the Block: Writing Through and Beyond Writer's Block – from the University of Pennsylvania
Getting Past Perfectionism – from Princeton University
Presenting your Findings for postgraduate students - from the Open University U.K. PresentationsPreparing an oral presentation – from Canberra UniversityPlanning a presentationResearching for a presentationWriting a presentationUsing visual aidsDelivering a presentationDealing with nervousnessGroup presentations
Making Class Presentations – from Counselling Service, McMaster University
Effective presentations – from the University of Kansas
How To Conquer Public Speaking Fear By Morton C. Orman, M.D. – From StressCure.com
Working in Groups or IndependentlyA model of ideal group work – from Canberra University
Problems you may encounter in groupwork and how to address them – from Canberra University
How to form a successful study group – from Duke University
Learning Independently – from Canberra University
How to Survive Virtual Group Work – from elearners.com
English for LearningEnglish Language for Academic Studies – from the Open University, U.K.
Mobile ESL – from Athabasca University
Online LearningTips for online Success - from the University of Illinois
Fundamentals of online learning with you at the center-  researched, authored, maintained and supported by Joe Landsberger
M-learning: Mobile learning with cell phones, i-pads, and handheld devices- researched, authored, maintained and supported by Joe Landsberger
How Students Develop Online Learning Skills by Alan R. Roper
Research SkillsLibrary Research : InfoQuest tutorial – from Royal Roads University
Statistical LiteracyStatistical literacy: Thinking critically about statistics – from Ausberg College