How will you organize what you learn?

As the storyteller, you’ll need to gather information from others and have effective ways to manage and organize that information. Having a system in place will help you to identify the relationships between the information you’ve gathered and the story of your work.

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Connect your readings to your writing

Read this guide if you feel overwhelmed by how much information you've read and if you're not sure what to do with it all.

Organize my readings

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Citation managers

Citation managers help you collect and organize your readings within a personal library. Find out more about the citation managers RRU Library supports.

Organize my citations

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Project Planner: Planning and practicalities

Consult Sage Research Methods' project planner to learn how to plan your research effectively and confidently understand the different phases of a research project. (Note: requires RRU login.)

Plan my approach

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Productivity tools

This guide compiles a collection of tools designed to streamline research, planning, and collaboration.

Boost my productivity