History and legacies of Indigenous nation and territory

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Insights into Métis History in Canada

Insights into Métis history in Canada, part 1 (2023)

LeMay, M. (Producer)  
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Long before Canada was a country, the Métis Nation was a sovereign nation with its own laws and systems of government.


Etthén Heldeli: Caribou Eaters (2018)

Toews, I. (Director)  
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This documentary travels with Déné First Nations people in Canada’s north, as they search for the species so vital to every aspect of their lives – the barren-ground caribou. It is a celebration of their rich ancient culture, and a visual document lamenting their traditions that could vanish, if the caribou disappear. 

The Crossing Place

The crossing place (2016)

Williams, J. (Producer) 
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Kanaka Bar Indian Band is also known as "T'eqt'aqtnmux" or "the crossing place people". This video examines how Indigenous contact with Europeans led to change which eventually became insurmountable for the people. 

Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii: On the edge of the world (2015)

Wilkinson, C. (Director) 
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The distinct world view of an over 14,000-year-old society is co-mingling with the values of an influx of progressive, modern urbanites to create an amazing example of how the world could be. 

spirit of people

St'at'imckalh - Spirit of the people (2012)

Williams, J. (Director)  
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A cultural self portrait of a nation and their territory.