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RRU Library's monthly displays highlight key resources on themes of topical relevance and interest to our research community. This month we're featuring books, films, and essays by Black creators on the topics of Black Canadian history; the contemporary Black experience; Black culture & communication; the Black post-secondary experience; Black women & leadership; Black history in law & business; and Black film & fiction. Enjoy!
Black Canadian history

Black Canadian history

Discover print and ebooks on the rich history of Black people in Canada and BC, as well as short film segments exploring Black Canadian heritage.

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Contemporary black experience

The contemporary Black experience

Essays and news on the contemporary Black Canadian experience, as well as critical and personal perspectives on Black history in the making.

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black culture and comm

Black culture and communication

Cultural analysis and politics from a Black perspective; critical theoretical perspectives on Black contributions to the arts.

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Black post secondary

The Black post-secondary experience

Historical and present-day analyses of Black students' and educators' experience at American and Canadian universities.

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black women and leadership

Black women and leadership

A mix of autobiographies, biopics, and popular & academic texts on Black feminism and Black women leaders.

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Black history in law

Black history in law and business

International and American perspectives on Black capitalism, Black entrepreneurship, and the devastating history of Black people and the legal system.

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Black history in film

Black history in film and popular media

Enjoy recent feature films and novels by Black creators, including filmmaker Jordan Peele, as well as classic films featuring Black actors and experiences.

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