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Citing Tweets in APA Style (7th ed.)

If you’re quoting or paraphrasing tweets in your research, you’ll need to cite them just as you would any other resource. To cite a protected tweet (that is, only confirmed followers can see the tweet), please use the format for citing personal communication since the tweet isn’t available to the general public (e.g., A. Lastname (personal communication, Month day, year) stated “X”). To cite a public tweet, per page 348 of the APA Style manual:

Tweet by an Individual Author

Lastname, A. [@username]. (Date of tweet). Tweet text, including all hashtags and URLs, up to the first 20 words [Tweet]. Twitter. URL

For example:

Veletsianos, G. [@veletsianos]. (2015, January 5). That moment when you wish your article was out of peer-review already [Tweet].

  • In-text citation: (Veletsianos, 2015)

Tweet by a Group Author

Name of author [@username]. (Date of tweet). Tweet text, including all hashtags and URLs, up to the first 20 words [Tweet]. URL

For example:

RRU Library [@RRULibrary]. (2015, February 15). Questions about academic writing or #APA style? Find the right answer in WriteAnswers [Tweet].

  • In-text citation: (RRU Library, 2015)

For more information, please see pages 348-349 in the APA Style manual, and for examples of references to tweets, Twitter moments, and Twitter profiles, please visit Twitter References from the APA Style website's Reference Examples.

Do you have questions about this writing tip? Please contact the Writing Centre as we'd be pleased to assist you.

Theresa Bell
Manager, Blended Learning Success

(Originally published in Crossroads February 26, 2015; updated with APA Style (7th ed.) information September 18, 2020; reviewed March 3, 2021)


American Psychological Association. (2020). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association (7th ed.).