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Statistics Canada materials

If you're citing any Statistics Canada products, there is a different approach to determining the information required in references, the results of which can be adapted to align with the APA Style rules. To obtain the information you need to create your reference, please follow the steps provided in "Build your reference in three steps". Once you have those details, please search WriteAnswers by keyword (e.g., "report") via the "Ask us" window below to see the necessary formatting in APA Style.

For examples of sample references to Statistics Canada resources, please visit "All Examples"; please note that those examples are not formatted to the APA Style rules.

To search for additional information, please visit WriteAnswers and search the FAQs. If you're a RRU student, you can also use the WriteAnswers contact form to send your questions directly to the Writing Centre. We'll send you a private reply as soon as we can, which is typically within one business day of receiving the message.