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In-text citations

Introduction to citations (mp3)

Please see pages 207-214 in the APA manual and/or pages 12-17 in the APA Help Guide (pdf) for more information and examples of in-text citations.

Reference list

Introduction to the reference list (mp3)

Please see pages 215-281 in the APA manual for general information about creating a reference list, as well as pages 18-29 in the APA Help Guide (pdf) for more information and examples of in-text citations. 

Referencing Canadian statutes, cases, and legislation

For information regarding referencing Canadian legal statutes and cases, please see For more information on citing Canadian government documents, please see Follow the format provided on these pages; in other words, you don't need to align the format to fit APA standards. Please note that legal citations usually appear in footnotes at the bottom of the page, rather than as in-text citations. You may want to check with your professor to check if this formatting is acceptable for the assignment.

Referencing Statistics Canada products

If you're working with any products from Statistics Canada, there are separate citing rules. Please follow the steps provided in this resource. Please keep the citations in the format shown in the instructions rather than altering the citation to fit the usual APA format.


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