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Reading, Thinking and Writing at a Graduate Level

Reading, Thinking, and Writing at a Graduate Level was authored by Dr. Judith Blanchette and is shared here with her permission.

Over the next two years you will be exposed to many readings, books, journal articles and websites. In order to be successful in a graduate program, it will be important to build your skills in reading, reflecting, thinking, and writing about this material.

Reading Effectively...

Thinking at a graduate level

What does it mean to think?

What does it mean to think at the graduate level?

How do we work with thought and graduate education while engaging in thought that is valuable and reflects upon itself?

When we talk about...

Writing at a graduate level

Over the next two years, you will be working through many assignments and activities that involve writing. Writing at a graduate level requires you to first explore a variety of authors in the fields you are studying. In this process, you...

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