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Dr. Gilbert Wilkes, who formerly taught in the RRU Professional Communications program, kindly gave permission for his "liber.rhetoriae" to be posted within this topic. Dr. Wilkes' expertise in rhetoric shines through in his writing, and it's an excellent resource to refer to (and an interesting read too) if you're looking for a better understanding of how to build an strong argument.

What a day. I arrived at the hollow. I walked about. I saw rocks and lots of dirt. Birds that could not fly darted about, and lizards too. The sun was bright and hot; the air, dry; the area, desolate. I wonder if we made the right decision about cultivating here. I...

He was the Commissioner of Roots and Tubers. This is one of his many adventures.

The two parables dramatize the three developmental stages that writers, in my experience, pass through as they attempt to write discursively. The Commissioner's first report represents the first developmental level:

What a day. I arrived at the hollow. I walked...

Consider the testimony of Ibn Khaldun about how to reason: