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New Writing Centre resources (April 2020)

The Writing Centre continues to support students during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we're excited to share some new online resources!

Introductions to the Writing Centre’s Services

To learn more about the Writing Centre's online supports, students can now view the following short videos:

These videos are also available via the Writing Centre’s homepage, as well as in How to Write an Undergraduate-Level Essay, How to Write a Graduate-Level Essay, and What are the Writing Centre's Services?, which is a WriteAnswers FAQ.

Gradschoolitis Video for New Graduate Students

The Gradschoolitis video (6:50 min; see also Gradschoolitis Notes for the transcript) is a pep talk for new graduate students that addresses the typical anxieties caused by the imposter syndrome. The video and the transcript are also posted on the Writing Centre’s homepage.

Reflective Writing Video

Reflective Writing: Connecting Personal Experience and Research Literature (5 min video; see also Reflective Writing Notes for the transcript) explains how students can demonstrate their critical thinking skills in reflective writing by connecting personal experience with research literature.

Students who are used to writing for science, business, or government often find reflective writing assignments challenging because the focus shifts from intentionally avoiding any mention of personal beliefs or experiences to writing specifically about those topics. In this video, students can learn more about connecting personal experiences with research literature to bring a scholarly approach to reflective writing assignments. The video and the transcript are also available in Reflective Writing.

Do you have questions about these resources? Please contact the Writing Centre so we can assist you. For more information on how to access other Library services during the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit RRU Library COVID-19 Response.

Theresa Bell
Manager, Blended Learning Success

(Originally published in Crossroads April 29, 2020; updated March 4, 2021)