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In Regard/regards to?

If you consider the meaning of "in regard to", the choice of regard/regards becomes clear: you are indicating your singular concern or concentration; therefore, "in regard to" is correct. An easy reminder when choosing the correct form is to think of "regard" as a single concern, whereas "regards" are the plural best wishes that you might extend in your closing in a letter or email (e.g., kind regards). Mignon Fogarty (2010), author of the Grammar Girl blog, also recommended using more precise language in place of "in regard to", such as "'concerning', 'regarding', [or] 'about'" (para. 2). Finally, in formal writing, please avoid using "re:" as an abbreviation; instead, write out in full the word or phrase that you would replace with "re:". 

If you have any questions about this writing tip, please contact the Writing Centre.

Theresa Bell
Manager, Blended Learning Success


Fogarty, M. (2010, February 22). "In regard to" versus "in regards to". Quick and Dirty Tips.

(Originally published in Crossroads January 30, 2015)