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New Writing Centre Resources (December 2020)

The Writing Centre has new resources on thesis or major project proposals and legal citations, and we invite members of the RRU community to explore these new writing guides and updates on the Writing Centre website.

Thesis, Major Paper, and Major Project Proposals

Graduate students who will be completing a thesis, major paper, or major project typically start with developing a proposal for their project. Students can now explore the typical elements of a proposal in Thesis, Major Paper, and Major Project Proposals. This resource focuses on what most proposals have in common, and each section of the guide connects students to additional information about completing typical proposal elements. Although some of these elements may be similar across different types of proposals, program handbooks have more specific requirements as to what a proposal should include, and the information provided in this resource does not communicate or replace these program-specific deliverables and instructions.

Legal Citations

The Writing Centre has also expanded our Citing Resources: Canadian Statutes, Cases, and Legislation page with new and updated resources based on the 9th edition of the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation. The updated Legal Citation Help Guide is a downloadable word document with common examples of legal citations and references, and the following quizzes and exercises supplement the guide with practice questions and examples:

Similarly, the Writing Centre has also expanded the WriteAnswers FAQs with information on legal citations, such as short answers to the list of common questions below:

Do you have questions about these resources? Please contact the Writing Centre so we can assist you.

Jonathan Faerber
Academic Writing Specialist

(Originally published in Crossroads December 18, 2020; updated March 4, 2021)