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LEAD personal leadership challenge reflective paper

Please note: The examples provided here are illustrations only and may not reflect the current course assignment. Students should not rely on this information to shape their assignments but should instead refer to the assignment description provided by their instructor(s).

1. Assignment description: LEAD: Personal leadship challenge (PLC) description.

2. Marked-up versions with verbs, keywords, and instructions indicated: LEAD: PLC description mark-up.

Condensed interpretation of the assignment:

  • 1000-1500 words, excluding references 
  • identify personal leadership challenge currently facing in workplace
  • reflect on personal responsibility for challenge
  • demonstrate openness to shifting challenge through own personal learning
  • choose issue that is:
    • personal and immediate
    • challenge that can be addressed internally without relying on further organizational support or action
    • situation must be able to be improved through applying skills and knowledge gained in first term
    • must be able to identify potential change in situation through application of change in behaviour, new knowledge, or interactions with others
    • scope: problem must be small enough to address after first term but sufficiently interesting to keep interest for 11 weeks of term
  • demonstrate critical thinking and writing skills by:
    • selecting and using appropriate research evidence from readings
    • quote from organizational materials to contextualize challenge
  • refer to guiding questions for content direction
  • formatting and submission expectations:
    • APA 6th edition formatting rules for citations and references
    • Word doc
    • Submit to drop box

Dr. Brigitte Harris, Director of the School of Leadership, approved this interpretation of the assignment.