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Please note: The example provided here is only an illustration and may not reflect the current course assignment. Students should not rely on this information to shape their assignments but should instead refer to the assignment description provided by their instructor.

For the full assignment description, please click here: DEMN linking theory with practice.

To see the version with the verbs, keywords, and instructions indicated, click here: DEMN linking theory with practice mark-up.

Condensed interpretation of the assignment:

  • 6 page (1500 words) argumentative essay, not including title page or references
  • Select real disaster and emergency management practice problem from own practice or intended area of practice
  • Critically review peer-reviewed research to find 5 or 6 research articles that improve personal understanding of problem
  • Required essay components:
    • Describe the problem and situate it in own professional context
    • Synthesize and critique literature findings
    • Use literature as evidence to support arguments re: how to address problem/issue
    • Provide analysis on how research evidence supports and informs practice = demonstrate critical thinking
  • See suggested process in assignment
  • Mandatory components:
    • APA format guidelines
    • Title page
    • Introduction - no heading required
    • Section/sub-section headings
    • Research evidence from literature that supports argument(s).
      • Show opposite side of argument when relevant
    • Conclusion that summarizes points from paper and suggests implications for research/practice
    • References (APA format)
    • All pages are included in the page count and are therefore numbered; however, the title page doesn't show a number.

The interpretation of this assignment was approved by Dr. Jean Slick, director of the School of Humanitarian Studies and faculty member for the MA in Disaster and Emergency Management program.