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Drop-in meetings (15 minutes)

If you aren't able to book a scheduled appointment with the Writing Centre or you have a question that can be answered in 15 minutes or less, please take advantage of the Writing Centre's drop-in hours. The types of questions that are well suited to these meetings are APA Style questions, where you can find information on the Writing Centre website, or how you can schedule an appointment. Please note that as with the 30-minute appointments, we won't proofread, edit, or review draft text during drop-in meetings, but we'll be happy to answer questions and suggest resources.

Drop-in meetings can happen in person at the Writing Centre (Library 305), by phone (toll free 1-800-788-8028 or 1-250-391-2600, ext. 4353), or online (please call so we can send you the URL). Please see below for times that are set aside each business day for drop-in meetings; staff may also be available for drop-in meetings at other times. Students will be helped on a first-come, first-served basis.

January 13 - January 18

January 13: No drop-in meetings today
January 14: No drop-in meetings today
January 15: Campus closed due to weather
January 16: 8:30-9; 4:30-5
January 17: 8:30-9; 2-5
January 18: 10-10:30; 4-4:30