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There are many different ways that you can reach the Writing Centre to ask us a question:


WriteAnswers is a searchable knowledge base of FAQs, and searching by keyword may give you the answer you're seeking. You can try searching by visiting the WriteAnswers home page, or try using the "Ask us" field shown below. Whenever you see that blue "Ask us" button, you're working with WriteAnswers.

Or browse a topic:

If you weren't able to find the information you needed, please use the contact form on the WriteAnswers home page to send us a private message. We'll respond privately to you within three business days, though our usual turn-around time is within one business day.

Ask questions by phone

The Writing Centre's direct phone number is (250) 391-2600, ext. 4353, and you can reach Theresa or Jamaal via that number. If you are in North America, you can also call RRU's toll free number (1-800-788-8028) between 8:30-4:30 PST Monday-Friday and ask University Reception to put you through to the Writing Centre. If you are not in North America, please send us a request via the WriteAnswers contact form and give us some suggestions of the best time to call you during our hours of operation. Please also provide the specific phone number we should call to reach you, including all international calling codes. We'll follow up with you to confirm the time we'll be calling and will be happy to call you so RRU pays for the call.

Visit us in the Library

We would be delighted to meet you! If you are on campus, you'll find us in Library 305 (Theresa Bell) and Library 306 (Jamaal Cox), both of which are located next to the computer lab in the Library. Please book an appointment or take advantage of our drop-in hours.