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APA Style practice exercises

If you'd like to practice your APA skills, please try the exercises linked below. All exercises on this page currently feature the 6th edition APA Style rules. Exercises for the 7th edition rules will be added soon.

General APA exercise (APA Style 6th ed.) (also available at APA Style (6th ed.)

Practice your APA Style (6th ed.) proofreading skills


General formatting exercise (APA Style 6th ed.)

Formatting figures (APA Style 6th ed.)

Formatting tables (APA Style 6th ed.)

In-text citations

In-text citations (APA Style 6th ed.)


Matching a reference to the resource type (APA Style 6th ed.)

What's wrong with this journal article reference? (APA Style 6th ed.)

What's wrong with this reference to a chapter in an edited ebook? (APA Style 6th ed.)

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