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Academic style resources

If you are unfamiliar with the elements of academic style or need a refresher, we suggest viewing Qualities of Academic Writing (8:02 mins  via Academic Writing). 

Writers should seek simple, direct, and efficient ways of communicating their ideas to readers. Clarity, conciseness, and ease of understanding are the cornerstones of academic writing and embody the core components of effective communication. Please see the resources below for more information.


Writing clearly is essential to authors communicating their thoughts and ideas accurately to readers. Please see the resources below for more information.


Do you ever find yourself searching for a more direct way to communicate your thoughts? Finding the most direct method of communication enhances writers' effectiveness and readers' understanding. Two sayings to keep in mind when thinking about conciseness are: "quality over quantity" and "less is more".  

  • Concise Writing - Section of Writing Centre website with multiple resources, including videos
  • Writer's Diet Test (Helen Sword) - An automated tool that will check sentence-level conciseness in 100-1,000 words of text
  • Hemingway Editor - another tool that will give automated feedback on sentence-level conciseness

Easy to understand

Writing that is easy to understand is accessible and requires minimum effort by readers to achieve comprehension. See the resources below for more information

Other resources that may be particularly helpful

The RRU Writing Centre website contains many resources that highlight aspects of academic style. To search for additional information, please visit WriteAnswers and search the FAQs. If you're a RRU student, you can also use the WriteAnswers contact form to send your questions directly to the Writing Centre. We'll send you a private reply as soon as we can, which is typically within one business day of receiving the message.