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Free online content

Some restrictions apply for use in class. Contact us for details.

  • - Annenburg media's free online video content for college level students
  • BlipTV - Some Creative Commons content - Keyword search for video clips. Depending on the attached restrictions, you may use this material in class
  • - "Videos on the People, Issues and Ideas changing the Planet"
  • Forum Network - Material from the U.S. National Public Radio and Public Broadcasting Service
  • Internet Archive - Keyword search your topic
  • TED - Concise presentations by subject experts on a vast array of topics
  • UChannel - Talks on international/political affairs from academic institutions all over the world
  • - Video clips from North American universities. Browse by institution, keyword search by topic or browse by popularity
  • Documentary Heaven - more than 1,600 documentary films found across the internet sourced from a variety of services including, but not limited to, YouTube.
  • - Documentaries gathered from around the web. Some have been posted online legally and others have not. As a result, consider this link mostly for personal entertainment and be very cautious when considering these for use in class. Feel free to contact us for help determining a film's legality.
  • There is also lots of content available on iTunesU. You do not need an iPod but you must have iTunes installed on your computer to access that content. This clip provides more detail.