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At RRU, plagiarism is defiined in our Academic Misconduct code as:

  • The act of presenting the ideas or works of another as one's own. This applies to all materials including essays, work term reports or assignments, laboratory reports, seminar presentations, computer programs, research projects and results, postings in discussion groups, and statistical data. The use of such material either directly or indirectly without proper acknowledgment (i.e., footnotes or endnotes) is contrary to the norms of academic behaviour. (

Additionally, "the extensive use of paid editors and similar assistants may qualify as plagiarism. Learners are encouraged to discuss any such editing plans in advance with their instructor/advisor." ( For more information regarding using an editor, please see The role and responsibilities of an editor.

It's also important to remember that at RRU, a team both succeeds and fails as a team. Accordingly, if a member of a team plagiarizes, the consequences of that action will apply to all members of his/her teammates. Make sure that you and your team members are all sharing the responsibility for ensuring that your assignments are cited properly.

Would you like to know more? For a great general overview of what plagiarism is and how to avoid it, try the Citing Information & Avoiding Plagiarism tutorial, which is produced by the SWITCH Libraries. If you're an RRU student, have a look at the Plagiarism section on the Writing Centre website (you'll need an RRU username and password to access the website).