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For Faculty and Staff

What is Interlibrary Loan (ILL)?

Interlibrary Loan is a service that enables RRU faculty, staff and students to obtain material not owned by RRU from another library.

Who is it for?

Any current RRU staff and faculty can request an Interlibrary loan, however requests must go through the Interlibrary Loan office. It is not possible for RRU staff and faculty to request an ILL directly from another library.

What can be borrowed?

Books, journal articles (photocopies only), theses, and microfiche can be borrowed - although what is lent is at the discretion of the lending library.

Before placing an ILL request please search the RRU library catalogue or the RRU journal list to ensure the material is not available through our library. If you need assistance in searching the catalogue or databases, please contact a reference librarian at or call 250.391.2575.

How long does it take?

On average requests will take 2-10 days to reach us once the request has been placed. Delivery times very much depend on the location of the lending library and their processing time, as well as mail service.

Our staff must verify who owns the item, assess whether or not it is available for loan, and then wait for it to arrive at the RRU library.

You are notified as soon as your item has arrived.

Can I "rush order" my request?

Because we make the requests of other libraries' services, we cannot ask those libraries to "rush" our orders. We strive to place a request within 24 hours (during business days) of receiving it.

How much does it cost?

There is a fee of $7.50 per item for this service.

Prices vary if the lending library is not affiliated with any of the lending consortiums we subscribe to or when the lending library is located outside Canada. Theses and dissertations are often harder to locate and thus are often more expensive.

If the request will cost more than $7.50, patrons are always notified before we place the request.

How do I pay?

If the ILL is for RRU purposes, you can submit the program cost centre code by email, telephone/voicemail, or in person.

If the ILL is for personal use and you are on campus, you can pay in person using cash, debit, or credit when picking up the item.

For those not on campus, a credit card number and expiry date is required prior to a request being placed. We do not place any orders until we have a "secured" payment on file. We accept this information in person or by telephone/voicemail at 250.391.2600 ext 4247. Please do not send credit card information by email.

Once we have processed the invoice we do not keep the credit card info on file. For security reasons we do not share credit card info with the Registrar's office, Bookstore, or other areas on campus, so we need this information even if it has already been given to another department at the University.

How do I make a request?

Please submit your request via our online form at

and include as much information about the item as you have. The following information is useful:


  • Your full name and department
  • Book title
  • Article & journal title
  • Author (& editor if applicable)
  • Volume & issue of journal
  • Pages of article or excerpt
  • Date of publication 
  • ISBN or ISSN

How can I receive my material?

Items are mailed via regular mail or picked up in person.

We are not able to transmit electronically (PDF to email) as this infringes on electronic reproduction copyright permissions.
How do I return my material? When is it due?
Photocopies are yours to keep.

Books can be returned in person at the library or by using the pre-paid return address label included with your books if they have been mailed to you.

Books are due back to the RRU library on or before the due date given. This can be found on the yellow sleeve wrapped around the book cover.

Can I renew my ILL? How do I do this?

Typically, items borrowed from another library cannot be renewed. Items that are available for renewals (no restrictions placed on the item) are made available at the discretion of the lending library.

If you do wish to renew a book, please notify us at least 5 days before your due date and we will contact the lending library to ask for an extension.

You cannot renew your books through your RRU library account -- your ILL books are separate from your RRU library collection loans.