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During your program you may be given assignments that require you to:

  • Write a report on a topic (for example, a paper, a lab report or a business case)
  • Review the state of research in a specific area
  • Analyze a text
  • Investigate and take a stand on an issue
  • Collect and analyze data and statistics
  • Gather information to support your own thesis or major project

To complete these assignments, you will need information, and to find information you will need to do online research. This tutorial is designed to help you with that research process.

The purpose of this tutorial is to help you be:

  • Aware of the importance of doing research
  • Able to consider your topic from multiple perspectives and identify your information gap(s)
  • Able to construct more efficient searches and evaluate your search results
  • Able to access the Royal Roads University (RRU) library resources
  • Aware of and able to use different information sources and search tools