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Finding Industry Information

Finding current and reliable information on an industry can be challenging.  For one thing, market research reports found on the open Internet tend to be prohibitively expensive.  It's proprietary information and it takes a lot of time to research and compile. 

The other thing you have to be careful about is bias.  Reports produced by the industries themselves should be carefully evaluated as they might not always provide the whole picture; showcasing the positive parts and omitting the negative. 

Because of this, one of the best places to start when looking for information on an industry is the Library homepage (, as we have put together a collection of reputable reports from market research companies such as IBISWorld, MarketLine, Euromonitor, MarketWatch, and the Economist Intelligence Unit.

For industry reports, market size, competitor information and forecasting, use the following databases, which can be accessed via the Article Databases tab:

  • Business Source Premier
  • Passport GMID (Global Market Information Database)
  • IBISWorld
  • Gale Business Insights 
  • MSI (Marketing Science Institute)
  • Canadian Business Patterns
  • Simply Map

Business Source Premier is home to Datamonitor industry profiles, as well as reports from MarketWatch and the Economist Intelligence Unit.  The following YouTube video shows a variety of ways to search this database: (4:11 min)

Passport GMID is home to Euromonitor reports that cover consumer, industrial and service markets.  Reports are available by individual country, trading zone/economic community, as well as globally.

IBISWorld contains industry research reports that provide strategic insight and analysis on over 700 industries globally.

Further industry information can be found by way of journal and newspaper articles in the business and trade & industry literature.  The databases listed below are particularly good for trade & industry information:

  • ABI/Inform Global (home to the Wall Street Journal online)
  • ABI/Inform Trade & Industry

Gale Business Insights allow you to research and analyze companies, industries, and economies around the world.

MSI contains leading-edge marketing knowledge on topics of importance to business, as well as streaming video.

Canadian Business Patterns is a Statistics Canada tool which lists the number of companies in Canada, broken down by their North American Industrial Classification code. You can find the number of companies in a given NAICs code for census metropolitan areas, provinces or for the whole country. A tutorial on using Canadian Business Patterns can be found here.

Simply Map is a mapping tool that allows you to create professional quality thematic maps using various data sources such as NAICS/SIC codes or demographic information.  Please note, access is limited to 10 concurrent users.