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Finding financial information

Finding detailed financial information can be made that much easier by using the following library resource:

Mergent Online:

Mergent is a great resource for locating detailed company financial information.  It provides ready access to:

  • Company financials (Canada, US, International)
  • Country profiles
  • Annual reports
  • Company comparisons

Its greatest feature is that it allows you to compare company finances within an industry.

If you have been having difficulty locating such information, perhaps you may want to give this powerful database a try.

Accessing Mergent:

From the library homepage ( ) click on the Article Databases tab. Scroll through the alphabetical list of databases and select 'M' for Mergent Online.

Searching Mergent:

1. Search by company name:

From the basic search screen, enter the company’s name in the search box (i.e. Dell)

Detailed company financials can be viewed by selecting the "Company Financials" tab. Personalized company reports can be created by selecting the "Create Reports" tab. Both can be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet.

2. Comparing companies in the same industry:

From the basic search screen, enter the SIC code (Standard Industrial Classification number) or NAICS code (North American Industrial Classification System) for a particular industry (there is a SIC/NAICS code lookup feature if you are not familiar with the codes). You will be presented with a list of companies in that industry which you can select to create a comparison list that can be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet.

3. Searching country profiles:

From the basic search screen, select a country from the drop-down menu (e.g. Canada). Country profiles include extensive economy and stock exchange information.