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Finding company information

Finding current and reliable information on a company can be challenging, as information posted on a company's website might only provide part of the picture.   

Company profiles are available via two of the Library databases:

  • Mergent Online
  • Passport GMID (Global Market Information Database)

Both of these databases can be accessed via the Article Databases tab on the Library homepage (

Mergent Online provides you with information on publicly traded companies worldwide.  If they are listed on a stock exchange, you will find them here.

Passport GMID is home to Euromonitor reports which also contains some company profiles.

Further company information can be found by way of journal and newspaper articles in the business and trade & industry literature.  The databases listed below are particularly good for trade & industry information:

  • ABI/Inform Global (home to the Wall Street Journal online)
  • ABI/Inform Trade & Industry