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Journals by Title search feature

What is it?

The Journals by Title search feature is a listing of every journal that the Library has a subscription to, whether it is in print or online. You can find this tool in the 'Find' block of the Library homepage.

When should you use it?

To find out if we subscribe to a specific journal (most probably because it is excellent for your topic). If we do, you can find what database you should use to search or browse the articles. With over 100 databases in our collection, it is a real time-saver.

When should you not use it?

To search for one specific article. If you want to find one specific article, search that article title in Google Scholar making sure to access Google Scholar thorough the RRU library's homepage.

How it works:

If we have the journal you are looking for, you will see a result like this on the right side your results screen:

This result tells you what database (called a 'collection' here) houses full text articles in the journal want, and when the coverage of the journal begins and ends in that database. If you click on the journal name, you will be brought to a page listing that range of volumes.