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A phrase is a combination of words in a specific order with a specific meaning.  For example, the words in 'swine flu' must be located together and in this order to have the intended meaning. 

When searching for a phrase such as swine flu, use quotation marks" " to keep the phrase intact. Eg "swine flu"

If you were researching outbreaks of swine flu, you could use the quotation marks in this way:

 "swine flu" AND outbreaks

Consider the value of phrase searching:

There might be cases where the individual search terms from a phrase produce good results.  For example, while it is true that "organizational change" should probably be searched as a phrase, it is also true that some authors might have written about "change in organizations" and that you might not want to miss out on those results. In this case you would also consider searching the words as single keywords.