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Accessing ebooks in the RRU Collection

If you would like to view an ebook that you have found in your search of Discovery, click on the 'Access online' button in the book's citation.

Searching individual ebook collections

The Library subscribes to many ebook collections, all of which can be searched individually. The benefit of searching ebook collections directly, as opposed to searching through Discovery, is the added feature of being able to search within the full text of the ebooks.  This feature can be extremely useful if you are trying to focus in on a very specific topic within a set of books.

For a comprehensive list of our ebook collections, view the following ebook guide:


Ebooks are designed to be read primarily online.  Most providers allow some limited downloading or printing of the material in the books, but you will not always be able to print or download an entire ebook.

The good news is, more and more ebook providers are allowing downloading for offline reading, a trend we hope continues.