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Selecting a Database for Your Search

Selecting a Database: How Do You Choose the One(s) for You?

What is a database? In the context of library research, a database is an online repository of journal citations, book citations or market research that often also include the full text of the document.  The RRU Library subscribes to over 100 electronic databases.

Databases exist for a broad range of subject areas and these areas often overlap. As a good research strategy includes not only using more than one type of resource such as books and articles, it also includes using more than one database!

Also be aware that some journals/magazines/newspapers are:

  • Never available in electronic format (full text)
  • Only available in electronic format published approximately after 1995

To choose an appropriate database for your research use these tools:

  • Database descriptions located in the alphabetical database list via the "Research Databases" tab on the Library homepage
  • "Resource Guides" block on the Library home page
  • Ask a Librarian for recommendations, contact