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Concise writing

Writing concisely involves using the most accurate words possible to explain your idea. Concise writing also avoids wordiness. For more information, please see the resources below:

"Simplify your writing to make it more effective" (PowerPoint presentation)

"Introduction to concision" (YouTube video)

"Modifiers and qualifiers: Editing for concision" (YouTube video)

"Misplaced modifiers: Editing for concision" (YouTube video)

"Sentence structure: Editing for concision" (YouTube video)

"Simplify your writing: Editing for concision" (YouTube video)

Other resources

"Qualities of academic writing" (Royal Roads University, 8:02 section of "Introduction to Academic Writing" video)

"Wordiness, wordiness, wordiness" (G. Kim Blank, University of Victoria)

  • A comprehensive list of words/expresions to be avoided with suggested replacements

"Zombie Nouns" (Helen Sword via The New York Times Opinionator)

Writer's Diet Test (Helen Sword)

  • An automated tool that will check sentence-level grammar in 100-1000 words of text

If you have questions about these resources or can't find what you're looking for, please type your question below in the "Ask us" window or browse a topic.

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